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Now this may be a silly question but does anyone have any model Jaguar that chirps or beeps when you push the lock button on the remote. I was under the impression cars no longer did this but I have a friend that assures me they do actually still do it. I have a 2001 s-type and it makes no sounds what so ever when I lock or unlock it, just like my 5 cars before that. Thank you in advance, sorry for the silly question. 



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My XF and XK both make no sound: The windows autoclose, and there is the clunk of the doors locking, but nothing else.

To be honest, I don't remember any of my vehicles making a beep when the alarm was set, since the days when the alarm was a non-original accessory.

But then, my memory can be vague about such things!

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No mate mine doesn't make a sound either an I too cannot remember any of my cars previous making a beep or chirp sound. I believe some older Japanese cars used to do it and after market systems also. Seems a thing of the past but I've never known any Jaguar do it.

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