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xj8 not firing starting


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Xj8 turning but not starting

Hi my 98 xj8 is not starting, it cranks battery seems fine but just not firing, at times it is so close I thought that it had started, sat for a few days previously due to snow , I tried pressing the accelerator pedal and cranking but no success, I heard that this might work but not yet at least, any advice suggestions appreciated Many thanks in advance Trevor


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Had it been previously started, and turned off again after a very short time?

This problem can arise if that has happened, since when the car is started in cold weather a very rich fuel mix is injected. That is what is required to start it up, and if run normally it will revert to the normal mix after a few minutes.

However, if it is turned off before the rich fuel mix has been burned, and then started hours or a day or two later, a further rich mix is injected, and the result is that the engine is choked by an over-rich fuel mix, and won't start.

If that happens turning it over with your foot flat down on the throttle can eventually get it to start (somewhat roughly at first), but if that doesn't work you will need to take the plugs out, dry them and allow the fuel to evaporate.

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