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egr valve


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if you remove the egr, you will get engine management fault light on, you have to leave the egr there, plugged in, then blank the holes

also you will still get random engine management faults, as it knows its not working right.

early egr were easy to remove, you pulled the egr off, blanked the holes and it was that, now they self check and engine monitors them, so they are not that easy remove

there's only one way to remove it properly and that is to have it mapped out(removed in software) and then blanked

best bet is to remove and clean it properly or replace with new

some people recommend fuel additives, but its only short term fix, EGR's work by diverting exhaust gases back into the engine, so they get dirty, hence they stick, so additive in the fuel, never really reach the egr





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hi I had major problem with the EGR valve which resulted in Turbo failure a very expensive mistake, the EGR valve fitted was £150 the turbo £1500 plus fitting if I had cleaned the valve or replaced it I would have avoided the expense. Lesson learned the tuning garage that fitted everything said don't block or remove the EGR give it regular cleaning or repack the valve and the problem goes.

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