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Gear selector stuck in park!

Jon jones

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Hi all, I've owned my XF for two weeks now and for the 2nd time in as many weeks the gear selector has locked in park. The car starts as usual but the selector is locked, the 1st time it released itself but not tonight. Has anyone else experienced this issue and how It is overcome? Many thanks 

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there's a switch on the brake pedal, brake pedal has to be pressed before it will release, check connector/plug is securely on, you could operate the switch and actually check its working

also if it was put in park before the park brake was applied, the weight of the car on the park mech could be holding it, especially if its parked on a slope

try releasing the park brake and rocking the car and see if it will release, watch the car will not roll away it it releases, put some blocks a few inches in front of the tyres

just check you steering lock has released also, tension on the steering can also stop the steering lock from releasing

you could also try disconnecting the battery

if none of the above work, its plug in and see if there's any fault codes



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Thanks Joe, I had to replace the gear shift console. I put the car on the diagnostics and it found four faults regards gear shift unit apparently Jaguar knew there was a fault with them after production and recalled the faulty units back to main dealers. As for me I'm out of pocket by the tune of £491.25 plus VAT for the unit. Bit of a fiddly job as I had to remove most of the WHOLE console lol, but all done now and working fine. Thanks again Joe.

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I'm also having the same issue on my Jaguar XF 2016 -  locked in park yesterday , locked in neutral today , not sure if I have any leverage with Jaguar dealership if this was a known fault and my car has not been recalled - the warranty has run out . Worried it might completely lock 

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Hello there … I’ve been reading everyone’s issues with the same issue that I’m experiencing now. I’m also stuck with my 2010 Jaguar XF , on park and the shift button doesn’t shift at all. Waiting on my son to come and help me asap after work. Thank Godblessings I’m safe where I am right now. I’m a 59 yr old woman. Lol 

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