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Sills and Waxoly


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Hi all,

I've been a bit cowardly re taking off my sill covers, it was a Schrodinger's cat situation, all the time I hadn't looked at them they were both OK and not OK, but once I looked, it could've been a disaster! 

I've also been wanting to prepare and Waxoly the underside of the Jag since I've had her, and eventually decided to subcontract this to a local mechanic (but only after I tested him doing the same job on our Discovery!). He's on this now and we took the sill covers off, to find a fairly rotten bit in the centre of the nearside, as shown below, but the rest not too bad.

I feel quite relieved and that I've gotten off lightly compared to some. He's going to charge an extra £100 for all the welding prep and finishing which I think is fine.

Compared to some that have been posted about, it could've been much worse!

Cheers, Russ



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