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Petrol or Diesel XF


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New to the forum, so thought I would introduce myself while I ask for some advice.

I am looking to buy an XF, something around 5 years old (budget is around £15,000) with under 100,000 miles, I plan to keep the XF around 4-5 years, averaging around 10-15,000 miles a year.

I have had an Audi A3 2.0 Diesel for the last 5 years (2008 model), so it's been a good car but just abit bored of it, always liked the look of the XF on the motorways and sat in a work colleagues XF a few weeks ago and really liked the feel of it and the quality (he had the Diesel 2.2 Luxury model).

I do relatively low mileage at the moment, my work's office is 7 miles each way, but takes about 30 minutes due to city centre traffic, do occasional work trip to customer sites, but not very often, so rarely get a good burn on the engine. I had a new Turbo fitted for my Audi as it got clogged up and kept going into limp mode (wasn't a DFP version), and looking at this forum there are issues with DPF, so I have been looking for a petrol XF but I am really struggling to find an XF in petrol, most second hand are Diesel as I guess allot are ex-company cars etc.

Am I best getting a Diesel XF (I use Costco fuel which is supposed to be the BP Ultimate) and giving it a good run, would once a week be enough? or try and find a Petrol version.

Also, one thing I really like about my A3 is I had the Audi RNSE installed, which is a really good satnav and Media player where I can store music on 2*32GB memory cards, so I have lots of music on 1 card and Audio Books like Harry potter for my kids on the other card, I have seen a few posts mention linking IPOD's and USB drives to the XF, is this an extra or standard? as I would really like something like that.

Any advice appreciated.


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Hi Paul, and welcome to the Club.

This is a hot topic! I had the XF 3.0D S, doing similar mileage to yourself. I had a lot of regenerations, but no DPF problems. Having said that, I sold it when I retired precisely because I didn't want to have to worry about a DPF.

There is obviously some cause for concern, but I suspect that only a tiny percentage of those who write about the problem have ever actually had any major difficulty, so I think that the problem gets blown out of proportion: I am one of the guilty parties!

My wife has a diesel Citroen C4 Grand Picasso automatic. Because most of her journeys are short we did try to find a petrol one, but as with the XF they were nearly all diesel. She decided to buy it anyway.

At first she ran it on normal Shell diesel. She had no problems, but regular regenerations.

She then changed to Shell Optimax diesel, and since she changed we have had no discernible regenerations, and the fuel consumption and performance have both improved. So all is going well so far, but we have only had the car for six months.

At the end of the day only you can decide which way to go.

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Hi Paul and welcome 

I purchased a 3 ltr diesel xf premium lux in 2014 it was a 2009 plate with 92000 miles on it and up to 98,000 miles I did have a few limp home modes (dpf  full) and had to give it a good run to clear it. I was asked the question by an independent garage what diesel I was using and reported supermarket and was advised not to use it and of course I thought it was all very similar.Since 98,000 miles I have used BP ultimate full tank and the next two fill ups I use Texaco so every 3rd fill is BP the car has done 106,000 now with not one DPF problem ( hope I'm not tempting fate here ) for 8000 miles I believe fuel choice is important , shell v power is good also hope this helps



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If your looking to find a XF petrol within your budget then it will be a pre face lift model, Then and unless it's been very high spec the headlamps are very poor + the Sat nav not up to much so you have problems with trying to use your media player. The face lift XF is only was available with the petrol 5.0 supercharged engine.

Your best choice would be either a 2.2 or 3.0 diesel and for a budget of £15k there will be a good choice of late 2.2 available. I'm retired so I don't do a lot of miles maybe 5000 a year. I never had the DPF problems on any diesel car's and only use Morrisons fuel + a dash of additive per tank full. The 1st thing I do when getting a diesel is to have it correctly mapped.On my 3.0 I get near on 40 mpg around town & 50+ over longer distances (I'm not light footed) I always use Quantum Tuning who write a map dedicated to the vehicle this requires the ECU to be open on a 3.0D and enable to be mapped. On the 2.2 there's no need to enable the ECU and can be mapped by something like the Bluefin. Do not be tempted by any of the cheap tuning boxes.



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Welcome to the club, Paul.

Some good advice has been given already.

My s type is a 2.7 diesel, and I currently do about 6000 miles a year, and have never had a DPF problem, the odd longer drive keeps in in order.  I use Shell V Power [there is a Shell Station 500 yards away] which gives me better mpg also.

For £15k you will have a good choice of cars.




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Thanks for all the replies, it looks like if I want an XF I will need to go diesel as there are so few petrol models available, so I will look for a facelift model, as I want the Satnav/Media centre.

A Costco petrol station has opened near me recently, so I use their premium Diesel, which has been really good for my A3. 

I've been looking at the approved Jaguar sales, as they give a 2 year warranty on parts & labour, has anyone used this warranty on approved used, if I am paying £15K I want a couple of years worry free driving.

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