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Oil change interval.

Andy X400 3.0

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I had a full service done on my 3.0  X - Type on 27-04-16 using Castrol Magnatec 5w / 30 Ford spec fully synthetic Oil . I have just checked my mileage and have only done 732 miles since . Question is should i change the Oil again or will it still be ok . I've had a look on the net and there are many conflicting views . Any ideas ???

Regards ,

Andy .

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Diesel engines have a certain amount of wash-down from the fuel and other deposits that contaminate the Oil and can be caustic/acidic which can harm the white-metal bearing shells if left over time.

Equally, if the engine is low usage then you can experience wash-down of petrol into the Oil and is noticeable by the smell. This can cause problems with compression and poor starting.

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