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Incredible Bad Service

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I pick up my new Jaguar XE R-Sport 67 plate in September 2017 from Stratstone Cardiff. This is my first Jag, new or otherwise.

There was a chip in the paintwork that was badly touched up. You would think it was impossible to miss, but it was not picked up even when applying the Pureguard I paid for. “Only under the lights of the Showroom”.

The registration documentation did not match the registration I had been given or the number plates that were fitted to the new car. New plates were made these were very poor with lines and air bubbles “the guy who makes number plates had gone home”.

My car has been back to Stratstone Cardiff a few times since, to have the chip and other faults sorted. My last visit was 20th November 2017, the boot would not raise when released an the Auto Start / Stop was no longer working. I was advised I would need to return my car again but a courtesy car was not available until 27th December. I took my Jag to the New Cardiff premises today after a six week wait but there were no courtesy cars available “the second time this has happened today”.

Are all Jaguar dealers as bad as this, or is it just Cardiff. I have had my car less than four months and already hate Jaguar.

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Hi Leon....welcome to the Club

I'm sure it's not indicative of every dealer offering poor service but in your case I think it's a case of several elements of poor service coming together over a short space of time and although these things happen, it's unfortunate that it has tainted your opinion of Jaguar as a brand.

I wouldn't defend the dealership but I would hope that once things have settled down you will hopefully start to enjoy the pleasure of driving your XE and come round to liking Jaguar once more.

Good to have you onboard

Cheers,  Trevor

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