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Rear Brake disc replacement

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I am after some clarification here, I have a series 3 V12 2+2 FHC and want to replace the rear discs and calipers etc... i have been told i can do this in situ by dropping down the rear wheels/suspension. However having looked at a few youtube videos of the procedure...everyone has the whole rear suspension cage unit removed from the car!!!


Can anyone who has done this give me a definitive answer on if it can easily be done without removing the whole rear IRS unit?



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never done any thing on the E-type my self, but have seen on other forums

most people seem to take the whole sub frame suspension out, as its suppose to be quicker

also seen a lot of people who alter the pipes,  to the caliper, so a remote bleed nipple can be added on the cradle, so its easy accessible, the original bleed nipples are in a awkward place




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