Phone set up on an '09er

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Hi everyone / anyone?! 

I've read the manual but still unable to get my Sony mobile phone connected to the touchscreen in my X- type.... Anyone had similar problems? 

Thanks in eager anticipation! 

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Hi, I've now paired my phone with "Jaguar" but the car touchscreen hasn't changed & still shows "discover me"....... There's good signal status but unable to progress. 


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You have to pair from the car following the correct sequence.Is that what you did?


‘Pairing’ Your Phone
Before use, your
mobile phone must be connected or ‘paired’ with the vehicle’s bluetooth system. Vehicles with touch-screen
Follow these steps to pair your phone with the vehicle:
• Switch the vehicle’s ignition ON (position II).
• Press the button, to the left of the touch-screen.
• Using the touch-screen keypad, enter the code ‘##1#*#’, then touch .
• The message ‘Discover Me’ will be displayed, to confirm that the system is ready to pair with a
mobile phone.
• Switch on your mobile phone’s bluetooth connection, using the phone’s menu.(See your phone’s
manual for more information).
• Select 'search for other bluetooth devices' or 'Audio Accessories' from your mobile phone’s menu.
• Select 'Jaguar' in your phone’s paired device list, in order to connect to the vehicle’s bluetooth system.
• Enter the Passkey on your
mobile phone (the Passkey is 1313).
• Under certain circumstances, the message ‘No BT Phone’ may be displayed briefly.
• After a short delay, the message ‘Phone Connected’ will confirm that the phone and vehicle are paired. Note:
• Once a mobile phone has been paired with the vehicle, the system will look for the same phone each time the ignition is switched ON. If no phone is detected, the message ‘No BT Phone’ will appear on the touch-screen to confirm that no phone is connected after
approximately three minutes.
• When a mobile phone is paired to the vehicle and the bluetooth connection is established, one bar will be displayed next to the antenna icon. However, you will need to refer to your mobile phone’s display to determine the strength of the network signal.
• If an incorrect Passkey is entered, your
mobile phone should prompt you to enter the correct Passkey.
If there is a delay of approximately five minutes when pairing a phone with the vehicle, a screen with the message
‘Handset In Use’ may be displayed. If this occurs, switch the vehicle ignition to OFF and wait for at least five minutes before repeating

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Many thanks for the information, you are a gentleman and a scholar!!! Not only did I get the phone set up but a day later, took delivery of a new phone so had to replicate the process but your guide was invaluable. Thanks again!! 

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