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Hi has anyone had the engine remapped on a 2.2 Diesel and if so can you tell me any positives or negatives please

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I tried the Superchips Bluefin remap on my 2015 model XF 2.2 200 and was unimpressed. On their website they show two endorsements, both claiming huge improvements in overall power and, crucially for me, a ‘virtual elimination of the diesel lag from standstill’. Both of these claims I found to be largely unsubstantiated. In fact, driving the car with the Bluefin installed and then without showed any improvement in performance was difficult to identify. Pickup from standstill was the same and I think that mid- range power was slightly increased but no more than when using Shell V Power fuel!!

So, if you fancy trying the Bluefin remap, my advice is as follows:

1. Go to Superchips in Buckingham and get them to install it.

2. Go for a test drive with the installer and assess any performance improvement.

3. Get the installer to remove the remap.

4. Go for another test drive to confirm the impressions from your first test drive.

5. If the improvements in performance are not clear to you, return the Bluefin for a full refund. Do not drive home with the Bluefin installed unless you are 100%  certain you are happy with it or you will have to pay nearly £10 to return it for the refund as I had to do. Hope this is of some use.

PS: I’d love to hear from the writers of the two glowing testimonials as I simply cannot square my disappointment with their experiences.

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You should always re map when there is a rolling road present. Too many people are fitting chips. There are a lot of independent 'specialists'.  

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