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Welcome to the club, James.

Sharing experiences is a great assistance to most members, but enjoying Jaguars is the biggest experience.

I live only 6 miles from Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, where most Jaguars cars are made.  We do make good cars!



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Hi James

MOH (My other half) and I see you have a XJS.......might that be a Coupe or a Cabriolet/Convertible?

How do you find the parts situation in the USA?      We recently came by our '92 Phase 1 facelift 4.0 Coupe, which has joined our X150 XK and S-type.    During the course of inspection and fettling, we decided to remove the front bumper to check the usual corrosion points and decided that, whilst we were there, the screw-on lower front panel would be replaced.    After much searching in UK (part no longer available) we found two available elsewhere - one in Germany, and one in Fort Lauderdale, Florida....................Pauls Jaguar.......have you heard of them?

Amazingly, after ordering the panel on Friday June 01, it was dispatched same day and arrived in UK at Heathrow Airport 48 hours later on Sunday June 03.     It then entered the UK Customs and Parcelforce system............whereupon it is due for delivery just 130 miles from Heathrow tomorrow, 10 days later (Wednesday June 13)!!!        

Having said that, because the XJS does have quite a few items which are NLA, it does seem to add to the fun of the project.    Do you carry out your own work, or do you, like us, have a favourite workshop to carry out the tasks where, like us, restricted mobility makes life more difficult?!      Where do you normally source your parts from?

As always, happy growling and "XJS-ing"



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