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Well after owning a 2008 2.2d x type for the last 4 years and adoring it i was doubly devastated when my car was written off, firstly as i had an accident involving 2 dogs running into the road resulting in the death of one and secondly as i presumed my jag was going to be on my drive for many happy growling years to come.

In the past month with many sleepless nights partly due to the traumatic incident but also due to the back ache from bouncing down the road in a brand new bmw 320 d m sport estate ( upgraded courtesy car) i had toured car sales. I think i sat in about 50 cars on the one Sunday search then on the way home my wife asked me why we were wasting our lives looking at cars when she knew i would not be content without a replacement not a make do motor.

So i am now in a happy place, realised the accident wasn't avoidable (as a dog lover this took some doing to get to a happy place) but what has really put a smile back is that i am sitting here typing looking out the window at my 2015 xf sportbrake 2.2d. Not sure of the paint code but its a gorgeous dark metallic grey and is the quicker model so is fun as well as extremely comfortable.

Its early days yet as i have only owned it for a fortnight but have just popped away for the weekend driving from home in Stafford to Flintshire and spent many hours driving around the welsh hills and coast roads. I was always very very happy with my x type but WOW have jag done a good job of this xf.

Hope i wont need to be asking for too much advice as that usually means a problem but its always reassuring to have a group like this to be able to ask.

Anyway i'm off for a drive 🙂 



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Welcome to the club, Stuart.

It is nice to be back in a Jaguar, ins't it?  The the Sportbrake is a nice car, and a bit of a pity the Jaguar discontinued  its manufacture.

I worked in North Wales for 8 years in the sixties and also enjoyed the roads and the coast.  Much quieter then, though.



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Welcome Stuart, i have only had my XF 2.2d Portfolio for jus over a month and totally agree with you.  I used to have an x Type 2.5 v6 AWD and loved it but been blown away by the XF so far.  Many happy miles motoring.



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