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XJ50 event at JLR Classic

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Saturday September 01 saw a special event, organised by Jaguar Breakfast Club, take place at JLR Classic Works at Ryton.........to celebrate 50 years of the Jaguar XJ.     And what an excellent event it was.    The entire JLR Classic car park was given over to XJs of all sorts, split into sections for Series 1 and 2, XJ40, X300 thro' X308, the current XJ, a small number of XJS, and even a number of XJ220.  One lucky couple came armed with their XJ220 and a XJ13 "Copycat" which sounded delightful with its very rorty V12 burbling away.....lucky for some!!

The entire JLR wokshop plus the Collection was open for wandering around (no photos in the workshop.....naughty, naughty if you did!) and the event lasted some 7 odd hours.   There were entertaining talks from Nigel Thorley (well known Jaguar historian & author), Callum Mckechnie from Jaguar Classic Parts, and Norman Dewys, Jaguar's Chief development Engineer and Tester during the 1950s/60s and into the 70s.

Anybody who had a Jaguar which wasn't a XJ (even the Mk2s etc) was relegated to the SVO car park which provided another show all on its own!

We were delighted to take our newly acquired XJS "Purrrdy" along to take part, and a good time was had by all.    Great, also, to be able to mingle and chat with some of the JLR technicians, many of whom were remembered from the TV programme about the XK SS reborn and similar.

Here are some photos, including our Purrrdy at the main doorway, and a very delectable pink XJ Series Two.....believe it or not, a standard colour back in the day.      The last photo shows that when we got home the butler had closed the gates (never mind, Cubist and R2E, Claude came to the rescue with the spare key which is always artfully concealed about his person.  Isn't it.   Weren't we.    Don't you).














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Superb event, I was there in May this year

Amazing collection of cars, well worth a visit

When I went I asked about photos and was told to take them descreetly, so I did, took lots

also there was the electric E-type, that the royals got married in, great  car

also lots or special proto type cars that never made production like X-type R estate, white XJS twin turbo 4x4




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Agreed it is well worth a visit, Joe.  We have been a total of four times, once right back at the start of public access when we went on only the second ever guided tour, and three times with the JBC.    However, since your visit in May the protocols have changed and, although you are allowed freedom to wander at will, there are security at the doors to the workshop and collection who place your 'phone/camera in a sealed plastic bag.  You can still use the 'phone as a 'phone, but the camera won't see through the opaquish plastic.

Our vote this time was the "as found" Mk V with a lovely patina and ripe for a not too difficult restoration.   The pristine MkV Convertible next door to it looks grand, but alas has no engine.

Next visit for us is the XJS Club do later in September when, no doubt, there will be some changes to see.    

As always, happy growling

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As an additional comment, there were over 200 XJs at JLR, plus 140+ other Jaguars, from early XKs through E-types etc etc to F-types, S-types and so on, on the SVO car park across the road from JLR Classic......what a gathering!   Take a look on You-tube.......the "Moves Like Jaguar" site where there is also coverage of the Jags at the Castle event at Warwick Castle.

Next outing is again to JLR Classic, tomorrow (Saturday September 15), which is a special XJS event, ticketed, on behalf of XJS Clubs.   Purrrdy is ready to roll!

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