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Battery replacement

Graham V

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Hi Chaps 

Thought I would  share this with you, just returned from a week's holiday and left the jag xf at home. Went to start it and nothing except a lot of warning lights, abs fault dsc to name a few!. Although not a member I called the AA battery  assist line., booked a time slot and they came out today. Chap checked it over and as I suspected the battery had died after 6.5 years. He had the replacement which he duly fitted, but be warned the long bolt has a tendency to rust in and snap off , fortunately he used a freeing agent. To avoid messing up the electronics he used a slave battery while the new one was installed. Be warned this does not stop the electronics going awol , the chap spent an hour on his pc clearing all the faults touch wood she now drives fine. The cost for the call out ,new battery ,labour and diagnostics came to a reasonable £290 and a 5 year guarentee.  Hats of to the AA.


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Your better off just disconnecting the battery

I've disconnected the battery on my car many times, while Ive done various jobs

and I have never had any faults come up or error messages

its when the battery voltage gets below 11.5 volts, or if you disconnect and reconnect really quick, causes problems

only things you have to do if you disconnect the battery is enter stereo code and reset all windows so one touch works again



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