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Hi all


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Hi all. I’m Ian (known as Pony), living near Brighton, East Sussex.

Have picked up my first Jag, a 2015 XF 2.2 Portfolio and loving it. Looking forward to many smile miles, ahead.



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15 minutes ago, Old Peter said:

Welcome to the club, Ian.

You will enjoy the Jaguar experience  --  much different from other makes of car.

The club is about sharing experiences, and I think you will find that very useful.



Thanks very much for the welcome, Peter.

I’m still in the early stages of ownership and enjoying every moment.

I look forward to learning more as I go.

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Hi Ian,

I had 29 years of company cars, and my knowledge of modern cars was negligible as all services and repairs had to go to a main dealer, so buying a Jaguar made me enter into a new experience,    with the windscreen wipers coming on when it rained and the lights coming on when it was dark, messages telling you if a door was slightly open, and the dash board  lights coming on when something was happening when the ECU didn't like something.  The lump hammer was no longer needed in the boot and instead a Code Reader had to be bought.

I have had a great time with my S Type, and very little cost with only a water pump needing replacement.  The diesel engine in the s type is a very good engine and was developed to a 3.0 litre to meet EU6 requirements for use in the XF and XJ.  BUT it does like premium fuel and rewards you with a smooth ride and good mpg for spending an extra 10p a litre.





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