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How To Put A Customers Off


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Having used the same garage for my MOT for 4 years I duly booked mine in today. The girl there has always been friendly but to day was different. My car failed on several points and she read them out so fast, I barely had a chance to write down the work and the price. She kept saying, "and because your car is a 4 wheel drive..." to which I replied, "no it isn't, it's a rear wheel drive". She then started arguing about how I was wrong and she was right!

I tried to ascertain what difference it made and why she would even mention it. No explanation was forthcoming and the tone was can you get off the phone now! They want me to spend over £700 in repairs and still treat me like an ignoramous. Needless to say, I've gone right off them now and will take my business elsewhere next time.

Anyone else been treated the same off-hand way?

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Only once, Nick.

My company car, when I was way down the pecking order, was a Austin Maestro 1.6 L.

I had had it for about three months when I could hear a knock when turning. I had a quick look and feel underneath and felt some movement in the anti roll car.  I took it in to a Main Dealer, he had it for a day and said there was nothing wrong with it.  The knocking sound was back in about 5 miles and I guess he had put some snake oil on it. Twice more I took out back with exactly the same treatment.

So on the fourth occasion I put my car across the dealership entrance -- luckily there was only one main entrance -- there was another at the back and hard of access -- and then went into the Reception area and waited.  It was not long before state customers were coming into reception, some saying they could not get in and some saying they could not get out.  Eventually the Manager came into reception and asked whose car it was.  I told him it was mine and why to was there. he said they would have a look at it, which they did and found that anti roll bar needed changing.

Result. They changed the anti roll bar and I changed the Dealership.


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