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9&1/2 Weeks!

Captain Comfort

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Sorry, no Kim Basinger pics here...

That's how long my first Jag has served me, but it is now (probably) a collection of spares following an intimate moment with a Romanian semi-trailer.

Last month my beautiful blue S-Type Sport was totalled by a myopic HGV 'driver' 10 minutes before the end of my late shift, minding its own business in the work car park.

A deep gouge in the front bumper, recently-repaired headlight and washer jet was enough to write it off. Although I think my insurance company were a little hasty, they offered a fair price which has allowed me to replace it virtually like-for-like.

My new Cat is a 'Morse' red 2006 S-type Sport bought for a very good price due to what I'm assuming is EGR/DPF kicking into limp-mode when you use your whole shoe on the little pedal. The previous owner had only been pottering to the shops & back every day for months so it's no surprise. I was hoping that my 70-mile daily commute would trigger a regen, but it's been 2 days now and the 'restricted performance' message keeps coming on just when you want some un-restricted performance. I can still cruise at Motorway speed as long as I'm patient getting there. Got a Christmas trip to Cornwall coming up though so I'd really like to get it sorted before then, I'll be trying some additive first as i don't have the time to be taking inaccessible EGR bits off for a clean. 

The new Cat also benefits from the addition of the touch-screen head unit. I managed to connect my phone to the bluetooth but the previous owner's phonebook is still loaded, and I can't see a way to clear or change any entries. Suggestions most welcome!!

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Hi Stuart,

I use Millers Diesel Power Eco Max which cleans the EGR valves and the DPF.  I also do quite a few short runs  -  0.7 miles yesterday - and have never had a problem with the DPF since I bought the car in 2013. 

There is a way of getting rid of the previous owners 'phonebook, as mine was clear when I bought it from Stratstone in Solihull, but I have never bothered to find out how to do it.

Let us know how you get on.



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OK thanks for the reply Peter. I've poured a bottle of Miller's 1-shot cleaner into a full fuel tank today & been for a 40-mile blast. No noticeable smoke, but the predicted range & average MPG have increased even though 'I may have been going a little quickly, Officer....' :angel_not:

I left the motorway to head back home & put a full shoe in on the A46, previously this would have brought the light on instantaneously, but today the speedo needle was able to stay in 3 figures while engaging in a spot of Vorsprung-Durch-Bye-Bye for 2 miles. I see this as progress!

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