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Poor MPG, Lack of power


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HI, and hello,

neewbie here, have a 2.2 X type diesel, Manual 2007 (No DPF).

Has lack of power, poor consumption and LOTS of black smoke on acceleration.

Have cleaned and blanked (with 8mm hole) the EGR, have cleaned the intake manifolds, virtually all hoses for turbo cooler etc have been changed.

Don't know what to try next???????

any help appreciated.

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Hi Neil, and welcome to the club..

Black smoke is a fuel problem,  possibly not enough air getting through.

You could try an additive with your fuel.  I use Millers Diesel power Eco Plus, but there are other such as Diesel Magic.  I would also suggest using premium fuel.

I did think that the 2.2 litre Diesel had a DPF  --  the 2.0 litre diesel has not got one. 

A more expensive cure could be injector replacement.



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Thanks Peter, have only had it 3 weeks and have put two different types of additive in, Wynns injector cleaner and today standard diesel redex. Have also checked the actuator and that seems to be fine.

Was thinking injector as next one to look at, (I also have the dreaded whole car vibration between 50-70 which would suggest drive shafts, but could this be linked to injector issues too?)

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