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Battery in XF


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I've had my 2015 XF for 5 month now and am generally very pleased with it - with exception to the performance of the battery.    It is true that I make daily round trip journies of less than 10 miles, but if I dont use the car for a day, the battery level is such that the pulsating start button is not illuminated and the heating vents do not open.  This tells me that there is insufficient power left in the battery to operate these functions.    I know there are a shed load of electronics  in use in the car but I would prefer not to have to put the battery on charge a couple of time a week.   The vehicle came with  a brand  new battery when I bought the car so do not suspect a faulty battery.  Clearly the problems are more apparent in the winter months with there being  more  drain on the battery than in summer months.   Does any other XF owner have this problem or is it solely down to the lack of miles i complete ?

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Hi Ian,

I have a 2011 XF-S and also do lots of very short trips, often with headlights on at this time of year. I have never had the failures you describe, but did occasionally get a battery low warning when parked and listening to the radio (only had the car since October). That worried me into buying a new battery and I haven't seen the warning since.

Sounds like you may have a lazy alternator, maybe.

Good luck!



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I think you may have been right  when you suggested the possibility of a lazy alternator Jon.  I bought one of those volt meters that plug into the cigar lighter socket and gives a constant voltage reading.    On the last few trips it has shown 12.5v, 13.2v and 14.7v.  Clearly the alternator is not charging the battery all the time.  The car has a 2 year warranty so I will be contacting Granges service dept. next week and get them to rectify the problem.

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