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Jaguar XF 3.0d | Best Custom Exhaust? | Spires vs Powervalve


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Hi all,

I'm looking to swap out the default exhaust on my '13 XF 3.0d to something that looks and sounds better.

So far I've found two options, Spires and Powervalve...

Powervalve: https://www.powervalve.co.uk/products/jaguar/jaguar-xf-3-0d-2007-2015/ja001-rear-silencer-set-with-choice-of-trims-powervalve-exhaust.html  

Spires: https://www.spires-st.com/product/xf-3-0-d-stage-2-exhaust/

I've heard really good things from Spires, but Powervalve is cheaper, looks a little beefier and the workshop is located much closer to me. In the videos that I've watched, Powervalve sounds a little louder in the low end as well.

Has anyone used or heard these exhausts in person? I know the car is a diesel and I'm not expecting it to sound like a V8 (or anything close) with this mod, but some reassurance on the above would be appreciated.


PS: I am not planning to get my DPF removed, so will rule out any experience with these exhausts that also include this as a factor to sound/performance.

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Personally I think the Spires exhaust looks to have a higher quality finish.

Just my opinion though, let us know which one you go for and what you think of the results.



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