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s3c chris

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Hi all.

I have recently discovered this forum and have been reading many of the S type posts over the last few weeks regarding retrofit modifications.

A brief history; I bought my first S Type, a 2001 Se in Topaz around four and a half years ago and absolutely loved it!

Last year however, circumstances meant I could afford to change the car and I purchased a mint, low mileage XF 3.0 petrol Premium Luxury. It was a beautiful car but I never really bonded with it and a search began for another S type, for some reason they just feel “ right”  to me and in my opinion look more like a  traditional Jaguar.

The search led to a 2008 MY 3.0 SE with a genuine 45k and FSH by its one and only owner who had sadly passed away. All original paintwork was a major factor in the decision to buy the car. Surprisingly it has SatNav, bluetooth, auto wipers, power fold mirrors plus the normal things but unfortunately no cd changer, voice, heated seats or heated windscreen. I actually thought the defrost button was for a heated screen so it shows how much I knew about the later S types!

Thanks to the information found on this forum the cd changer, d2b lead and voice module are all on the way via eBay, so some interesting weekends ahead.... I have also bought a pair of “scrap” seats from a 2004 sport.

The intention was to remove the heating modules and seat pads and fit them into my original seats. I gather all the wiring for this is in the car. Howeve4 whilst dismantling the seats to remove the heating Elemis it occurred to me that the actual wiring in the seats may not be the same and I fear this is true. I haven’t looked underneath my seats yet but does anyone know if the wiring for the seat pads is likely to be there? If it isn’t I can’t use the wiring from the other seats either as they have no lumbar supports fitted.

I know I could just get another pair of seats but most seem to be the earlier type with a different pattern on the facings, mine look like the type R pattern but without the perforations. Also I would like to keep the original covers. So unless anyone knows different I think my naively thought plan will not work!

Unless of course anyone knows of a pair of type R seats or very late SE seats for sale that I could put my covers onto?

That just leaves the heated screen to sort out!


Sorry to have rambled on but hopefully someone can confirm my theory regarding the seat wiring.

I look forward to reading lots more about S types on this forum.


kind regards Chris.

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Welcome to the club, Chris.

I have had my S type now for almost 6 years and it is my pride and joy.  Morgana is a 2.7 diesel, and like yours is an SE model with all the bells and whistles [except voice which I didn't want].

One of the things I am good at is keeping Morgana neat and tidy and the Indigo Blue paintwork in good order and one of the things I am not one of the cognoscenti  --  electrics, which I leave to the experts.  Luckily, the club has several members who are very expert in electrics and also a member who breaks Jaguars for a hobby, and who should be able to assist with the seats.

Good luck and best regards,





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Thanks for the reply Peter.

You have a beautiful car which you are justifiably proud of!

I much prefer the S type to the XF as in my opinion it still looks like a Jaguar. My thoughts only!

I am planning a few retrofit upgrades, heated seats being one and I would love a heated screen too.......

Regrads Chris.

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