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Help restricted performance/intercooler


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Today that side of my intercooler blew off as per picture, i now get restricted  performance warning and the car is in limp mode can anybody show me what this part looks like out of the car or tell me what the part is so that I could purchase new one.




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if the pipes blown off, it my be the clip is rusted or pipe spit !  just take all cover trays off... to gain access to get a better look at the problem, I done mine on my x type which was just a new jubilee clip needed.  good luck if you do this yourself …. dave

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It is a whole new intercooler rad that you need, with the chamber attached to the side as per your picture.

Be advised though... even a genuine Jag item will not be expected to last more than 2 years as the design is shocking!

I had the same issue with my 10 plate, that had that part replaced by the previous owner 2 years before i bought it.

I replaced mine with an S Type pack, same design, just a better build quality.

Would also advise taking a look at all your boost pipes and also the top of the cam covers where they are prone to splitting also.

Good luck

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