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Advice and Thoughts?

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Needing your thoughts and ideas on my idea to buy an XK8 or R. I am thinking of hanging on to it until its value increases as it looks like people are saying this may be a future classic. Apart from that it looks like a great toy so even if it doesn't invest well it'll be good fun at least. 

So...Should it be an XK8 or an XKR, should it be a convertible or hard top?

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I bought my XK8 a few years ago from a friend who upgraded to an XKR. I prefer the looks  and the analogue instruments of the XK8 but there is no doubt that the XKR has a bit of an edge in performance. I also like the " flappy paddles " of the XKR but whether or not I would use these on a regular basis is another matter, the older I get the lazier I become !

Certainly prefer a hard-top. A soft-top sounds appealing but I've owned convertibles in the past and found that once the novelty wears off the roof tends to stay closed for most of the time. As a hard-top provides more comfort, despite an occasional urge to go for a convertible, I'd resist this and stick with a solid tin roof !

So far me it's all down to personal preference. I'm sure that you are aware of the potential costs of running either of these cars. The XKR, which is 10 years younger than my XK8, doesn't seem to be any better, or worse, for reliability and the odd faults and in fact seems worse for underbody corrosion issues than my XK8.

Right now I'd keep my XK8 but as we both grow older I'd certainly consider an " R, " never had a Supercharged car so maybe that itch will have to be scratched at some point...

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Thanks for those thoughts, good to hear from those who have an XK8. 

I think the R because it is a true sports car, there are less supercharged cars or there and my personal thoughts is that it looks just a little better.

Not to worried about the cost of running it, any old car will have its upkeep faults, but I'm sure if kept in check these costs can be minimised.

Not thought about the dials that much, I'll have to have a look at that.

Thanks for your comments

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You have the right idea going for the XKR.   It has the most options, not to mention the  speed aspect.  When I first looked I did not want an XKR.  But I am SO glad I went for the option. When you get used to driving these cars its fun sometimes to treat yourself to a bit of short speed.   Its as controlled as an XK8 so dont worry about putting your foot on the accelerator and smashing into the car in front.

My friend Neville, aka Stagnight, has a XKR for sale.  I know he looks after his cars.  Drop him a line and tell him FrankC pointed you in his direction.  I may even get a free pint out of him next time we meet up.  He is on another Jag Forum.  Take a look at his thread.  You can contact him through the forum.  click me to jump to his postings


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Hi Fussy Frank!!!! I think I've decided on the R there's a few nice ones around on auto trader and eBay. My issue at the minute is storage, I need a place to keep it as it won't be used daily, I plan to keep it for an investment so need a nice dry secure home. I will of course use it regularly but I want to keep it as fresh as I can.

Sounds like Stagnites motor is a good in. Maybe I could contact him via text or maybe he could text me? Certainly a chat would be good to talk over aspects of the Jaguar XKR would be good

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Andrew me fussy?  Just OCD, 😉

Why not join the other forum?   Takes seconds then you can PM him? 

If you prefer I could give you my email address.  Send me your phone email etc  and I will pass on your details to Nevile. 

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I do wear a cap and a hat 🙂  Keeps my head warm in winter and  protects it during the hot summer.   Goes with the territory of owning a convertible.   Not got a whippet though as I do not allow dogs in the car.  Love the way you can click the picture to get a bigger one. 😄


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