Jaguar S Type 2.7d XS - red dpf warning light

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Ive had the car for a few months now, my journeys are all short journeys, hardly ever motorways, anyway the amber dpf light was on before now its gone to red. Really annoying now as its always on. Im considering getting the dpf removed and remap. Has anyone had this done? Also does the light go off after dpf delete,remap etc? 

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Hi Mohammed, and welcome to the club.

You car needs about a 30 minute run at least once  month to regenerate the DPF.  If the amber light comes on that is a warning to regenerate and should never be disregarded.

You should now have your car taken to a garage to have it regenerated mechanically. If that doesn't work you will need to have it replaced.  ££££.

But a warning!  Do not have the DPF removed as it is an automatic MOT failure.

I have never had a problem with my 2.7 diesel in the six years I have had it, and although i mostly do short runs I make sure I have that longer run once a month.

I also use premium fuel, and every fill up I give the car some  Millers Diesel Eco plus which does give the fuel system a good clean.




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