Sportbrake 2.2d 200bhp 2013 issues

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Just recently bought a sportbrake 2.2d 200bhp 2013 plate. Got a few issues.

Firstly when re-fuelling it keeps stopping. If I turn nosel to the left it works fine???? Also can see something yellow down inside???

Secondly having problems locking doors. When I press lock twice drivers door still opens and alarm goes off??? If I press it 3 times car locks. This goes against what manual says. Also on unlocking, after pressing button once, drivers door doesn’t open. After pressing numerous times it finally opens.

Thirdly wing mirrors do not fold in, in manual it says to press left and right wing mirror buttons, nothing happens. Each button is working though to alter the angle of the mirrors. Is there something wrong or is it not standard for wing mirrors to fold????

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