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XF-S 2011 interior lights randomly coming on

Jon Hyde

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Sorry if I've mentioned this before (age is a curse!), but does any other XF owner (2011-ish) have any experience of the interior light(s) above the windscreen and in the back, lighting up randomly when driving along?. In my case, it's mainly the centre light (with the back ones) and occasionally the one to the left of the centre one as well. After a few touches on the lens, it/they go off, but I simply wish they didn't light up in the first place!

Any suggestions for a cure gratefully received!


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Hi Jon,

I’m afraid I can’t really help, but weirdly I had exactly that happen to me yesterday in my 2011 XF. It was daytime so not a serious issue, but it’s never happened before (that I’ve noticed) and I’d just seen this post earlier.

I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it persists. I really am no expert so I can only hazard a guess, but as it was the first decently warm day this year, maybe a sensor or something is expanding with age and heat possibly.

Hope someone on here has experienced (and fixed) this!



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Thanks, Ian.

I would mind if it was an everyday thing, but it's completely random. Of course they can by (eventually, after a couple of touches), be switched off, so it's really just an annoyance.


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I was considering swapping to LEDs for whiter light but thought they might make the problem worse.

I think I'll just go for them after reading that. Can always get the circuit board swapped later if LEDs don't cure it.

Thanks for sharing that, 

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just seen your post, while researching a usb connectivity issue.

I've had that happen a couple of times while driving along, touched the light and thought nothing more of it, but I have been having headlight issues.

When I first bought the car 2011 XF-S (60), it had had a HD Led conversion which when I took it for an MOT had to be changed because the law changed last April.

So I had the conversion ripped out and put 'night breakers' in but then every few months one of the bulbs would blow and thinking about it now when I changed the bulb I had the random interior light experience!! (Now running on the standard bulbs for around a month with no issues, think it might be a voltage/ampage thing).

No idea if this makes any sense to anyone, but just thought i'd add my story.

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