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automatic gear box

Max Lloyd

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Hi all

I'm new to JOC an I've got a problem with my 1998 XJ8 gear box. When I select "D" there is no drive although the engine is running. If I press the throttle the engine revs and after a sudden jolt the car moves. Until recently, once the drive had started, there was no further problem but now i can only moved slowly initially building up speed slowly until the car is in full motion. Reverse is fine but has in the past done the same. I thought I had, perhaps, lost hydraulics but I've never seen any oil spots on the ground. I was informed that the gearbox is sealed for life. Does this mean that the car is at the end of its life?

Incidentally I had a LPG conversion about 15 years ago and I think its the best thing I ever did.

Any ideas on the gearbox problem would be gladly received.

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On reading my post I realized I may have misled you folks. I have two XJ's. The one with the faulty gearbox is a 1998 model which I have owned for nearly 20years.

The latest addition is a very nice executive.

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I have a feeling that the fluid needs topping up as the fault started as an occasional jerk when making a sharp turn, then gradually got worse until now it's there all the time. I couldn't generate any interest from the local transmission companies.

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