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XF retrofits


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So, thanks to Alex Ward and a bit of research on the interweb, I now have Jaguar Voice enabled. The process is ridiculously easy as well, notwithstanding the fact that a mistake could brick the car.

Have to say that the Voice isn't as useful as that on my S-Type (No climate control functions)

Next retrofit is the six CD player. Already tried a straight swap and no go

Having had a good poke around in the CCF though I spied a function where the type of CD player could be defined. That, I think will be the next retrofit.

CCF editing is so much simpler than using the legacy SDD


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Happy Days Paul... Glad you got it sorted... I have spare 6 disc changers if you are stuck!

I agree on the VC though, my last car's VC controlled pretty much everything so it was a shock to find such a basic system in the XF


I am just in the last hurdle of fitting Adaptive Cruise, so i will post the results up when i get finished

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Raistlin, I did a bit of research on the Heated Steering Wheel retrofit.   I believe you need the wheel plus the connecting module C2C7505 (makes the connection to the wheel via spring connectors) plus the CCF update.  The wiring should already be there plugged into a blanking module.  I've not it myself yet though.  Best of luck!

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Thank you Raistlin.  I'm now on my second XF.  The first one was 2009 2.7 Premium Luxury that I kept for 7 years and 100K miles.  Back in 2016 I was looking forward to the new XF but was disappointed when it came out and so I bought one of the last facelift cars, a 2014 3.0 XFS Portfolio instead which was registered previously to the dealer.  I now have 90,000 + miles on that one!

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