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Sluggish performance, gearbox adaptations


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Apologies if it was covered already. I have a really annoying issue with my XF Sportbrake 2.0 i 250

The car is very sluggish between 20-50mph. Seems like it is always in the wrong gear to the point that the car judders.

For example I could be driving 30mph and RPM would drop to about 1000 and the car will be in the 7th gear (can see if use flappy paddles (shift up and it shows one gear up from what is it now)

My pressing the accelerator gently the car would judder and then either drop one or 2 gears or start accelerating in the current gear which make is feel very sluggish.  

This behaviour is present when driving gently or in traffic. Once the car is driven more aggressively geabox shifts and RPM seem to be fine 

Sport or dynamic mode make no difference to timing of the gear shifts.

It is important to note that the car got progressively worse (only had it for 6 month), so I believe this is something to do with gearbox adaptations. 

Jaguar obviously can't fault it as there are no errors present on their computer and refused to reset gearbox and claim the behaves as designed.

I am very frustrated to the point I really hate driving this car. I can't believe Jaguar would design something as awful as this.

Anyone had similar experience or knows how to reset gearbox adaptations ?

Many Thanks

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If its a zf box then it can only be reset with jaguar software

if its a 2019, should still be under warranty and is most likely software issues, so may just need updating, when they update they also clear the aaptations and do a learn cycle, so should cure it



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