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Speed cam updates

Christopher Pearcey

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Hi, wonder if anybody can help me. I recently purchased a speed cam alert from http://www.speedcamupdates.com/jaguar-xf and am struggling to install and wondered if anybody had a similar problem. The install instructions are below ehich I have followed, but at point 11 its not recognising I have inserted a USB stick so wont give me the options. I have tried a couple of different USB sticks but no joy. I have previously updated the maps via USB without any issue (its the hard drive sat nav rather than disk). Any help would be much appreciated as not getting any response from the web site

  1. Extract files from the SpeedcamUpdates zip package. If the file you have downloaded is not a ZIP file means the file is already decompressed, and you can continue with the next step of this installation instructions.
  2. Start The Engine (Ignition may switch off otherwise while you are installing the GPX files).
  3. Insert USB Stick containing the Speed Camera POI's (POI files must be in .GPX format (See Handbook) and in the root folder of the drive, not in sub-folders.
  4. Do the following:
  5. Touch the Nav Button
  6. Touch Nav. Menu Button
  7. Touch More Button
  8. Touch Stored Locations
  9. Touch My POI Button
  10. Touch Add Button
  11. Touch "USB Drive" Button
  12. You should now see a list of the POI's on your USB Stick
  13. Touch the type of POI you want to install (Do one at a time, it is much much safer that way)
  14. When you have installed all the POI's you want to install go to Edit and touch the Edit Button. This should bring up all the POI's you have installed including any previous ones you have installed. Touch the Speed Camera File you want to Edit (Example, Gatso-Mobile-Pmobile-Red Light-Specs), this will bring up a Menu to allow you to change the sound and Switch the Sound and Show on Map On or Off . NB it is recommended that you Switch both Sound and Shown on the Map to On.
  15. To change the sound go to the Icon shown on Left Hand Side of screen Touch the Sound Icon it will bring up a list of Installed Sounds touch the one you want for that particular Camera & DON'T FORGET to touch OK before leaving that Menu Screen otherwise it will default to all Off.
  16. Repeat this for all the Speed Camera Files you want to Edit, touching OK after each Edit. Touch Return to Map after you have Edited all the Cameras you want and Remove your USB stick.
  17. Take the Car for a Drive near to some cameras you know about and test to see if working OK.
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I have the same issue with my 2012 XF. My guess is it's an early release of the nav software (program, not maps).

The stealers want £175 just to plug the diagnostics in and then £95 per hour whilst running any necessary updates.

Apparently, it can take 2-3 hours depending on updates required. Having estimated between £400-500, they can't guarantee this will fix the issue.

I'm probably going to buy a mongoose adapter and update myself.. 


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I subscribe to https://www.pocketgpsworld.com/  Costs £20 per year. Free if you submit a camera that's not on their system. It gives an alarm about 200m before the camera and shows it physically on the info screen roadmap. It was a download onto a memory stick and then into the XF. I found it easy to follow.

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Not exactly a fix, but you can get TomTom Amigo free for Android and Apple from relevant stores.  It contains navigation with traffic and speed cameras for UK and Europe, is updated constantly and very reliable.  It will overlay on Google Maps if you prefer them.  I use it mainly as just a speed display and camera alarm.  It even shows your average speed and current speed for those average speed sections of road.

I highly recommend it.

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