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Having had a drive in an X150 XK portfolio and fallen in love with it, I have decided the time  has come to sell my  SType.

This is my second S Type and I took a while to find a nice one in Frost Blue metallic / champagne, my favourite colours for the car.

I am only the second owner, the first sadly passed away and his widow could not drive. The car has been garaged most of its life and is in beautiful condition. A genuine 46200 miles from new, serviced every year, the first three by Guy Salmon, the rest by an independent garage, run by a friend of the cars owner. Matching Pirelli Assimetrico tyres all round (6mm) on 18” Triton alloy wheels.

I think it must be one of the nicest available at the moment.  £6250 negotiable. 

Number plate not included..........

Any questions call or message me , 07743855364.

Located in the West Midlands.

Regards Chris.







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As I have found a suitable XK portfolio to be my next Jaguar, I have reduced the asking price of my car to £4995.

I really can justify keeping two Jaguars so this is a beautiful car for someone! 

The car has now reverted back to its original registration KT07XCZ.

Call me on 07743855364 for more details.

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if you can justify keeping it, you may have to

at that price its in S-type R money and there going to hold there money/value a lot better

similar examples go for a lot less, you will only get what people are prepared to pay

may be better  putting it on Ebay as a classified, cheap to sell with lots of pics and buy far the widest audience to sell a car

dont forget to put all its history as well

good luck with the sale



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It looks absolutely stunning and caught my eye (not least because I have the same colour XJ6) as I'm looking for a 2nd Jaguar, but then I saw your price......ouch!

Despite the condition & mileage I think you're aiming a little high, but it's just my opinion. From experience I know full well how much it hurts to let something go for less than you think it's worth. Whilst the mileage of this one is higher, it's perhaps nearer the £ mark?


That aside, I wish you the very best with the sale 😊



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Thanks for the comments.

I do appreciate that value is a subjective thing but this car was mint!

As I needed to sell it due to the purchase of an XK, a trader now has the car for sale at £6495. Needless to say he didn’t give me anywhere near that sum but he did recognise a good car when he saw one.

It seems that because I was selling privately any prospective buyers automatically assumed it was too dear and never made  an offer or started any price negotiations.....

You often get what you pay for and I doubt you would find a nicer car.

Regards Chris.

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