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Nav Display blank, then comes on?


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last 2 months, live S FL, USA - colder weather days especially.  In a.m., Nav Panel blank, no control of a/c-heat,radio, etc.  Depending on how cool, screen comes on 1/2 hr later, everything ok.  During day, car sits, start, blank screen, 5 min later, on. (But if car sits in sun, never a problem).   In Sept and before, no prob.  Not sure it's weather related?  (affecting some component).  Car sits in sun, no problem.  2005 S model, only has 70K, is in excellent shape.

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Hi Larry, and welcome to the Club!

This sounds battery related: How old is the battery, and what kind of mileage do you do on a daily basis?

If the battery is more than 4 years old I would change it. If your usual runs are short it would be useful to plug it into a CTEK battery conditioner or similar once every week or so.

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thx, but new battery from Jag ($$$$) was installed.  I'm 100 miles day, mostly daylight so don't believe it's battery related.

Again, this only started recently.  I did have incident in Aug, on trip, highway driving hot out, a/c on, used cd player, and suddenly, out goes panel.  Eject cd, opened windows, and 10 min later screen came back on.  Did not use cd player, went back to radio, no prob after that.  Very strange.

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This might be related to a loose or otherwise bad connection.

I had a similar problem with my sat nav; but in my case it was a fresh retrofit.

10-15 mins without sat nav on cold mornings; then sprang into life.

My new wiring was not secure; tightening it up sorted it.

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Had a similar problem the other evening (2006 X Type Estate - U.K.). Touch screen went blank and heater started belching hot air from screen vents only - seemed to have gone into defrost mode. Buttons around screen not working.  Codes on lcd below screen alternatively C1 51 52.  Next morning all was normal again apart from cabin temperature had reset to 23 deg C rather than 19.  A short while later the same problem came back.  I ejected the sat nav cd and found a small amount of moisture on it.  Carefully inserted a paper towel wrapped round a palette knife into the cd slot and that came out slightly damp.  Started the engine and re-inserted the cd and let it reload for 10 minutes and, lo and behold, the touch screen came back to life (this is the original 2005/6 disk by the way).  A couple of oddities however - the jaguar logo screen has a much enhanced and more detailed image of the leaper on a dark green background and the sat nav map was the middle of Brussels!  Thinking this problem must have been caused by dampness I have placed a large silica gel bag in the compartment with the cd drive. The map reset itself after about 5 mins back to dear old Bedfordhire (plenty of Brussels here but only the sprout variety!).  The problem came and went for a couple of days but, touch wood, seems to be okay now.  I lost previous destinations on the sat nav but that is not a problem and gained a sparkling new logo screen - weird!  This seems to be a weather/climate related problem.

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Hey Waylon,

I have a 2006 STR and have the identical problem, also living in S FL (WPB). It started shortly after I was rear ended, passenger side. When the car was in the shop for repairs I changed the battery. When I picked up the car I first started noticing the nav blank screen issue. Mine also seems to work fine when the car is exposed to direct sun.

I'm thinking it may either be a loose connection near the NAV CD or an inferior battery (or both).

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as above, check the connections on the nav unit in the boot, that where the video/picture is generated for the touch screen

unplug them and plug them in,



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