S Type Interiors.

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Evening gents. 


I have an S Type 2005. 


She is fitted with the "High Luxury Pack" which allegedly is the Top of the pops in regards to S type interiors. 


My S is a Project not a daily so i tend to spend my time looking for parts to restore or add on just for that extra "ya know" 😉 , and my drivers seat has a bit of wear, long story short I scoured the classifieds for months trying to find a set of seats that are the same as mine, 


Luckily i snagged a set to restore, as they're in pretty poor condition! keeps me busy!! 


Just curious to know if any other S type owners have a similar interior..  


I haven't found another car recently for sale with the interior combo, the last car was a 2.7d SE on Gumbush a few months ago, wonder why it wasn't widely spec'd? 'tis a lovely place to be!!






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Think thats walnut burr, cant tell properly as you cant click on the pictures

it was a optional extra, hence why you don't see them very often

its down to every ones taste really, I don't like the wood really, very old fashioned, maybe grow on me when I'm a pensioner

prefer the R's myself, with no chrome and no wood in mine

the seats are quite easy to restore, plenty of video's on youtube



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