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Juddering on XJ brakes 2011


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I have a 2011 Jaguar XJ, regardless as to how many new disks or pads fitted to the vehicle, I get juddering on the steering wheel when breaking, it’s become more prevalent in recent months, my local garage doesn’t know how to fix it, I was wondering whether anyone has experienced this and what the fix was? I was wondering whether instead of it being brake related if it might be an arm, or loose rubbers somewhere? Information and suggestions would be most welcome. I really love my car and don’t want to have to trade it in.

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I wonder if it could be a worn suspension component but it should show up with a lever bar inserted into the correct places to show excessive movement.

Other areas to look at could be loose / excessive play in the calipers where they mount to the carrier, worn wheel bearings, testing run out on the discs in-situ, etc

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I had similar and took car to Jaguar dealership. Cost me a small fortune to be told brake discs were slightly warped. I had the discs and pads renewed as the pads were coming up to renew.......and still slight wobbled. I then had full wheel balancing carried out. Still same problem. Just assumed old car (2009) and just thought I'd live with it. Recently I went to blow up a tyre and snapped the valve and so had a flat. Had to call road side assistance who towed car to kwik fit. They said a tyre was getting close to failing MOT (surprise surprise) so had a new tyre fitted and all 4 valves replaced as they said all had ceased. Funnily enough the steering wheel stopped. Not sure how or what caused it to stop...either that one tyre or valve replacement, the latter of course sounds strange if so.  

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its usually wheel/tyre or hub related

you could jack the front end up, and spin the wheels slow, check for any out of shape or bulges

you could swap fronts for rears wheels and see if it shifts

have also known bent hubs when big pots have been hit, also hope they cleaned the hub face when discs were swapped another common problem, any corrosion or build up can cause this



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We had the same thing juddering on the steering wheel. New disks and pads reduced it for a short time but the problem is the bushes on the lower arms. Replace them and jobs a good one.  Took us ages to sort that one out but got there in the end. 

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