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Could anyone please give me some advice on suitable roof bars for the s type saloon?

I've been looking at various roof bar systems but can't seem to find anything that will definitely fit.


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On 2/4/2020 at 7:27 AM, Old Peter said:

Welcome to the club, Andy.

I have never seen an s type with roof bars and I don't think that the design of the car would lean to them.



Thank you. The club looks great.

Agreed, I don't really want to leave them on the car al the time. It would just be useful once in a blue moon maybe if I wanted to move something too big for the boot.



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31 minutes ago, Suppedraken said:

Can't remember where I put them, because we've never used them, but https://www.thule.com/nb-no/roof-rack/roof-racks/thule-evo-wingbar-_-711xxx?car=jaguar-s-type-4dr-sedan-_-RUyt

That's absolutely brilliant, thank you. I will look into this now.

Thanks again

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I have a set of jaguar S type locking roof bars. They are jaguar branded and fit into pre drilled holes under the rubber above the doors on an S type. I was told they also fit X types but have never tried. They are for sale if anyone wants them. In perfect condition. 

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