windscreen washer issue

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i have a 2005 s type 2.7td The washers for the windscreen has stopped working . replaced motor, still nothing. So have checked wiring to the plug on the motor. As soon as the ignition is switched on, I have 11.59 volts to the plug. When the washer stalk in the car is pressed this falls very slightly to 11.3 volts. There is no noise at any time from the motor. New or old. I am surprised to find the plug as power to it all the time, when the ignition is on. Any ideas as what the issue might be?

I can hear a click from the relays under the bonnet, and some say that there is a separate relay just for the washers. On early cars I think this is relay 4 under the bonnet, but there isn't one in 4 on a 2005 car.

Any ideas please

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Hi David--Just a thought but have you checked out the battery what is that showing ???? and how old is it ???

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battery was new this time last year, and is acting fine with no issues. starts on the ball no problems. The washers haven't been working for some time, so I purchased a new motor expecting that to be the problem, but no luck.

It could be the new motor is duff.

Or maybe the wiper stalk is the problem?

just cannot explain why there is so much voltage at the motor as soon as you turn on the ignition? I would have expected the motor only to have power to it when the stalk demands it to start working?

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