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Map Update

Michael Hasnip

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Navigation system alerted me to the need to update the maps on my 2018 Jaguar XE.  I checked out the www.jaguar.here website and went out and bought a 32GB flash drive.

After I had formatted the drive it was reduced to 29.2GB.  Unfortunately the maps require 29.6GB, making the new flash drive useless.  Back to the shops to buy another.

It would be helpful if the alert from Jaguar to upgrade the maps recommended a minimum flash drive size!

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That is down to the unfortunate difference in how storage media capacities are labelled by the vendors, and how in almost all other applications it is calculated.

When a storage vendor labels it  32gb, it is 32x10^9 = 32x1000x1000x1000 = 32,000,000,000 bytes

When a computer calulate a file to be 32gb it is 32*2^30 = 32x1024x1024x1024 = 34,359,738,368 bytes and therefore will not fit on 32gb drive. 

The 29,6 you see, is as calculated by a computer. 32 metric gb is roughly 29,8 binary gb, so only about 200mb is lost to formatting, not  2,4gb.

Just an explanation. Doesn't really help now, but perhaps for the future.

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Hi Michael.

I too have just had a similar issue after buying my first Jaguar (Blue XE).

I bought a 32gb stick only to get the the message telling me there was insufficient space!

Make sure you buy a 64gb USB 3 memory stick. I tried to install the maps off a USB 2 memory stick I already had but it failed twice at 3%. The USB 3 stick worked first time.

I think it's a mad that you have to download the map direct to the memory stick. My PC does not have USB3 ports and it took about 4 hours!

Best of luck. 👍

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