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Major service cost

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Although an old post now you could do some parts if not all yourself. I am too old and decrepit now so have to rely on my dealer. Basic service is an oil and filter change with a check over of all parts. This is listed in your online service record.  https://osh.jaguar.com/  You will find much of servicing is checks. Replacing the air filter is easy and the oil can be pumped out via the dipstick hole for intermediate oil changes using a Pela pump. I do mine in between recommended 2 yearly servicing. The pollen filter is a right faff of a job with the glovebox having to come out. If other things need doing such as brake fluid change, brake pad change etc that depends on your competence and agility. You could go to a trusted independant or as I have a good JLR dealer. Servicing is not cheap and you may pay anything from £260 for a minor service to £380+ for a major service. At first the oil was only available from Castrol but now other oil makers make to JLR spec, which is a bit cheaper (around £60). Be careful of servicing deals with JLR as they seem a bit over the top. Have a look also at the likes of National tyres and exhausts for their free car check over, which will effectively cover that part of the service for you. They also do service deals if you wish to save money and not do the job yourself. Personally I prefer to have it done by a Jag trained technician with gen Jag parts as they provide a warranty with all work done. Check out your servicing data on the link I have provided and see if it is within your capabilities.

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Thanks George for the jag website.

I'm on my fourth jaguar, 3 X Type's and now have a XF 2:0 litre Portfolio.

I've used the same local garage for over 24 years, and i buy the engine oil and oil filter, diesel ,air and Cabin filters and the garage does the service while i wait.

The car has just had it's second 2 yearly service, and the first service was carried out by the jaguar dealer that sold the car and the air filter had been in the car from the day it was Built as it had the date stamped on the filter and that's 4 years and they had actually changed the cabin filter as they had written the date on it, and they don't seem to apply some ceramic grease to the slider pins on the brake calipers. I'll probably do the intermediate service myself as I have a 12 Volt pump and the oil filter is in a good position with it fitted at top off the engine.

Thanks again for the information that you've supplied.

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