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Hello, try to be brief,I have 2002 S type v6 2.5 petrol, 

At bottom left  of the radiator filling white plastic bottle there is a hose that attaches via  L shaped plastic conection a large metal clip to lock in place. 

Well yesterday after replacing the water pump, the car started and drove fine, however unfortunately i hadnt correctly refitted above mentioned connection and it came off during jouney, car coughed spluttered and died. Used RAC to get home and investigated today. Which is when I realised hose was not fitted correctly so I sorted that and refilled with water!

Prior to yesterday the car started on the button and drove superb. But now it wont start,  then just as you think it will start, it backfires with smoke coming out middle towards the bulkhead side of engine.  So my question is with all the water being ejected from the above mentioned hose connection while I was travelling at about 75 to 80mph, can the water going all over the various pulleys while all turning very quickly somehow cause  the ribbed rubber belt to jump a tooth on one of the pulleys? As im thinking not starting then backfiring when almost starts is a timing out issue? But as it was fine prior to breakdown I cant understand how its even possible for timing to now be out? Or how I can check it? (no manual yet either) 

Any ideas or anyone experienced similar issue before? Any help greatly appreciated as im thinking if its no viable repair then scrapping it?  But I would prefer to fix it. Temperature gauge did not get past normal position, So water loss immediately caused running issue  before engine temperature had chance to go above normal, which it didnt do as I kept an eye on it all time. Thanks in advance Take care all & stay safe


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Hi Andrew

I think it may be wise to leave the bonnet open in the sun and let things dry out and then go through each individual component that could have been affected.
It may be worth leaving the cambelt till last to assume its that at fault and saves tearing the engine down for something that may be a simple cure.
I would start with any ignition components and sensor (including crank and cam sensors as these can fit the symptoms you are describing)

As long as the engine did not chronically overheat then the internals and gaskets should be fine.

Let us know how it goes and what you find

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