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Head Lights Adjustment


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Hello all,

I really need to adjust the xenon headlights of my XE 2.0D. I found out that I can adjust the low and far lights with screw 1 simultaneously (see photo). But what is screw 2 good for? I couldn't find out. I hoped this adjusts the far lights, but I have the impression nothing really happens when I turn these. Can someone please give me an advice?

Thank you very much.

P.S. Sorry, but I don't know the exact terms for what I call "low" and "far" lights. I hope, you understand what I mean.

left.jpg Left light adjustment screws

right.jpg Right light adjustment screws

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I assume you mean main beam and dipped beam? To do this you really need a beam setting machine which is not for the amateur. Go to someone like Nat tyres and ask how much to set it all "Correctly". Failure to have the beam correct will fail any future MOT.

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Welcome to the club, Thomas.

George is quite correct.  I had my bulbs replaced with some slightly more powerful bulbs by Halfords.

My surprise when it went to for the MOT was that they were out of alignment.  It would have been a failure if my mobile mechanic had not readjusted them at the garage and then had them checked when it went through the MOT again.  National tyres where I live are quite good.



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Thanks for your answers!

Well, mine are not really misadjusted, but the main beam lets me see more of the trees than the road when I drive through a forrest ;-) That's why I asked for the second adjustment screw.

Even though I adjusted the lights myself, the MOT (they call it TÜV here in Germany) said everything is ok.

Thanks again!

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I didn't notice that you were Non UK

Here is what I have from the workshop manual.

Published: 13-Feb-2015

2017.0 XE (X760), 417-01

Exterior Lighting

Headlamp Adjustment (G1822512)

  • 86.40.18
  • Headlamps - Vehicle Set - Align Beams
  • NAS
  • 0.10




General Equipment

Equipment name
Headlamp beam setter

Some variation in the illustrations may occur, but the essential information is always correct.

    • Make sure to check and adjust the tyre pressures to the correct level.

    • Park the vehicle on a horizontally level surface.

    • Gently rock the vehicle to make sure the suspension is settled.

    • Make sure manual levelling switch is set to 0 position.

    • Make sure the vehicles fuel tank is full, if not distribute extra weight evenly over the fuel tank area to represent a full tank of fuel.

    • Align the headlamp beam setting equipment to one headlamp.
      General Equipment: Headlamp beam setter
  2. NOTE:

    The headlamp setting is 0.7 % below horizontal and parallel.

    • Check the headlamp beam alignment.
    Open the hood.
    • A adjusts beam aim vertically.

    • B not adjustable.

    Adjust the headlamps with an Allen Key.
    • To adjust the second headlamp, repeat the above procedure.


Scanning barcode and converting to serial number...

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