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New member saying hello

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Well I've signed up for a two year membership today, nothing unusual in that you say. But I thought it would be a good investment, as soon I hope to be purchasing a XK8 2000 model.

Cabriolet or Coupe I have not yet decided, but it will happen in the next few weeks if it feels right.

Inspection first and test drive, followed by a trawl through the history, MOT's etc.

Pointers please on what to look for would be appreciated. What did you consider and look for when buying. What recalls were made on these cars and what for? One has 55k the other 70k but appreciated that is not the whole story. I have had an engineering background in maintenance supervision in my past and understand the importance of maintenance regimes.   

You see my experience is really on two wheels,, restoring, rebuilding and riding. Cars for me were just a means to get from A-B and tried to kid myself that I didn't need anything other than the family car. I've had very reliable cars in the last 30 years all Japanese ,last 4 being HXXXA  JXXZ it's SWMBO's car, replaced every three years. Never any trouble, the odd cheapo second hand cars to use as a utility for a few specific jobs and never really had any issues with them apart from discovering the odd thing that was missed or should have been picked up on the last service. So can I expect the same from the Jag or will I be in for a rude awakening? I am prepared to get an independent experts view but not sure how to go about seeking that sort of help. 

Looking forward from hearing your thoughts guys & gals?


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Welcome to the Club Martin!

My experience is with the later 150 model so others will be better placed to give specific advice, but from what I have read you should be checking that there is no rust, bodywork issues being the most frequent.

I have had my 4.2 XK for six years now with no issues at all: Just a couple of indicator and brake light bulbs, and a regas on the aircon every couple of years.

I see that you are from Durham: I am from Ryton.

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Hi Leo, thanks for that. I am aware of some of the corrosion issues and will be viewing on a ramp. I've read about cam chain tensioners and issues with early  4litre Nickasil engines but hopefully this will not be an issue with a post 1999 build date. Battery draining , uneven tyre wear pointing to other issues etc. 

I actually live in Eaglescliffe, Preston-on-Tees parish close to Preston Park. Once in the county of Durham, then Teesside followed by Cleveland and now Stockton-on-Tees!  Admin please note Stockton-on-Tees is not a county option so I am going back to my roots 😉.

The last time I was in a Jag was as a teenager, my Dad had an XJ6 2.8 gorgeous but a rust bucket!

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Battery condition in modern Jaguars is critical: They throw tantrums if the charge drops.

Mine is not my daily drive, so I keep it on a CTEK battery conditioner if I am not using it for more than a few days.

The CTEK has done the job perfectly for the last five years, even when we go to New Zealand for two months!

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Hi Martin, 

The Boundaries of County Durham can't be moved.  I think it was Henry 1V who awarded the County as a County Palatine and the Boundaries then cannot be altered.  There are two other County Palatines, Cheshire and Lancashire.  The Earl of Cheshire and Lancashire plus the Bishop of Durham were on the side of the House of Lancashire against the House of York.

I am from Lancashire on which County is Her Royal Highness the Queen, Duke of Lancashire.

The first Jaguar was built in Lancashire by Bill Lyons from Blackpool!




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Old Peter, well I do remember my family home as a child was in Durham and I know a certain political party started to shift county boundaries about and introduce new 'unitary authorities' here abouts. Such that Yorkshireman suddenly found themselves living somewhere else! However I will look into this some more :-)

Back to cars, I can see the Jag need a lot of TLC as they deserve. I have a CTEK batttery charger/maintainer also the older Optimate11.  

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