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DPF / EMS fault - again


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I have a 68 reg E-Pace S which was registered 30.11.18. It had its first DPF fault at the beginning of November 2019 and the DPF was replaced (I was on maternity leave for all of 2019 so on this occasion the DPF genuinely could’ve been full). Then 4 months later in March this year the DPF light came on again (my commute to work is 60 miles each way on the M62 which I do 3 days a week. The car is only driven one other day a week) so there’s no way it should have a DPF fault. The garage said it was a software glitch that wasn’t clearing the DPF, the DPF was replaced again and the software sorted. We then went into lockdown so my cars hardly been driven but I went back to the office Wednesday this week (so over the 100 miles of motorway driving) and yesterday the DPF light has gone on again. 

Jaguar assist came out tonight and said the DPF is full again and there’s another software fault. The jaguar garage that ‘fixed’ it in March tried telling me it wouldn’t be under warranty. Has anyone else had this? The cars done under 7000 miles, is 18 months old and this will be the third time the DPF is changed?

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Hi Georgia, and welcome to the club.

I have never come across so many faults on a diesel engine.  I have had my s type with a 2.7 litre diesel engine for 7 years and never had a DPF problem. 

I always use premium fuel and use an additive [Millers Eco Plus Diesel] which keeps the EGR valves clean and keeps the exhaust system clean.  I have been retired for 21 years and no longer do the mileage that I used to, but I do try to give my car a good run once a month [Covid 19 doesn't help].  My car has done 85,000 miles.

I have the feeling that there is something wrong that should have been discovered and it could be worth a letter to Jaguar.  You are doing nothing wrong with your driving and I feel that Jaguar should do something.

Let us know how you get on.



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