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2016 onward XF 3 Litre V6 Diesel engine - longevity and reliability.


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Hi everyone, hope you're all safe and well. Question about diesel engines please.

As previously stated, I'm in the process of saving for an XF, and am planning on buying in July/August of 2021. I've managed to drive both the 2 litre R Sport XF and a 3 litre V6 XJ, as I wanted to experience both engines. I have to say the V6 is much the smoother power unit and it didn't appear to give me the kick in the back that the 2-litre turbo did. However, it was difficult to open it up on the road I was on.

So, to my question. I'm planning and hoping this car will last me a very long time. I'd like to get as low a mileage model as I can. However, with regular maintenance and looking after do I need to worry if I'm touching 200K miles in it? Should I be OK getting a 3 litre XF with 30-40k on the clock? Or... should I still try and get as low a mileage as possible? It's all about getting as good a car I can on the money I will have available. If I can get a better appointed model with 40K on the clock for £20,000 should I invest in that, or should I look at a less appointed model with 20K miles for around the same price. All swings and roundabouts.

When I was young my Dad always wanted a low mileage car as it would last longer, and the engine was "getting done" by 100k miles. However, they were petrol engines.

I think I know what your answer will be.

Many thanks.

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I would always go on condition, and service records.

First, I want the car to look immaculate, and everything (and I do mean absolutely everything) in full working order.

Second, I read through all of the service records both to ensure that it has been properly serviced at the correct times, and to see exactly what issues it has had.

Mileage comes a distant third after that, though I still would go for the lower mileage option if it passed the first two tests!

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You’re welcome!

In my experience when you find the right one you will know it: That was certainly the case when I found my XK, and six years later I am just as sure!

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I don't know if things have changed much in the last few years, but I was always inclined to go for a higher mileage car providing the difference wasn't stellar. The reasoning was that the higher mileage car was more likely to have been used on longer journeys, thus giving a good chance for everything to get fully warmed up. Equally, the feeling was that lower mileage cars were more likely to have been used for short journeys (to the shops, for example), potentially leading to increased wear due to cold surfaces, increased fuelling etc., and possible contamination of the sump lub Oil with both water and fuel - particularly diesels, where excess fuel may be injected to assist burn off of carbon from the DPF.

Having said all that, previous advice with regard to condition, service history and full system functionality are all necessary considerations - and I entirely concur with the observation that 'when you find the right one you will know it'...

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