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Restricted performance issues XF S 3.0D

Paul GB

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So had an issue showing up as fault P006A mass or volume air flow correltion

have replaced both MAF then found a loose hose (hard plastic drivers side engine had become unbolted) so refixed. 
In the meantime red DPF came up (no amber, straight to red) Took car to local Jag Indie who put his diagnostics on it and reckoned fault was clear and to get DPF regenerated.  
Had company out yesterday to clean DPF. All signed off ok and no faults showing.

Took car out for a run and after 5 miles RP came back. Stopped engine and RP went but after another 5 miles amber DPF came on which went red after a couple of miles so no chance to regenerate in normal way, followed by RP return, it also sounds like a rushing of air under moderate acceleration.

Plugged my code reader this morning and showing

P006A mass of volume air flow correlation

P1246 turbo low pressure

P2463 DPF


Any ideas before I go mad 


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There’s either a hole in one of your turbo hoses or it’s blown off - the hose that is.

get your dpf regened at a garage - there are some fancy code readers that can do that for you

Finally, there’s likely still a hole (vacuum leak) in your air intake, although I think you’ve got to turn the car on and off six times to get rid of old codes

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Hi Paul,

There seems to be a rash of similar issues to yours (and mine!) over the last few days.

My car is a 2011 XF-S Portfolio.

Initial issue was the red restricted performance, and a gentle hissing sound when (trying to) accelerate. First attempt at a cure was to replace the turbo transfer valve, which was seized, obviously needed fixing, but that didn't cure the main problem.

Eventual fix was to replace the inlet manifold cover and associated bits - quite expensive at about £1300, but totally transformed the car! That was also finished off with a DPF regen (included in the £1300!).

Car now runs sweet as a nut. Now have an MOT booked for today (fingers crossed!).

Best of luck - let us know how it goes!


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So to close the loop, turned out the lower intercooler hose had a split. Also had to have exhaust temp sensor changed as looks like the chemical dpf cleaning had caused this to fail

Need to put out a shout to recommend Barny Jones indie JLR specialist in Farnham, 

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