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Start/Stop not working


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I generally switch the auto start/stop off as soon as I get the car started, I find them very annoying indeed. I got into the car the other day and had forgotten to turn it off, but, got to traffic lights and no start/stop working. OK, perhaps the battery was low, so being retired I took the car for a good hours drive down the A11 and back. I thought this would also give the DPF a good clear out too. Got back to sunny Norwich came to the first set of traffic lights and still the start/stop didn't work. I had the air con off and all indications were normal, has anyone any ideas what the problem is? If it's the battery on the blink I'd rather change it now than wait for the first cold day of winter to find out.


regards to All, Pete

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My S/S didn't work when i bought my XF and the garage charged the Battery over night and the S/S still didn't work and they fitted a New Battery with a Higher Rating 95AH - 850A compared to the Jaguar battery rating off 80AH - 800A.

And it works perfectly when I forget to switch it off.

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36 minutes ago, Jimbov8 said:

If you generally switch it off then why not disable it altogether and forget about it. Just remove the plug from the module in the right hand side of the boot behind the trim.

I could do that Jim, but then i would need to leave a message in the Handbook saying why the S/S isn't working, just in case i pop my clogs.lol

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