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S type drivers door exterior handle / lock


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First time poster here - hoping to access the accumulated wisdom. 

I have a 2001 3.O S type.

Obviously it is 19 years old but it is new to me and i absolutely love it.

Unfortunately someone has "kindly" smashed into the car whilst parked and then driven off.

Driver's door is stove in.

I have sourced a second hand replacement and plan to try and swap for my dented original.

I also plan to swap the drivers door module from the original into the replacement.

I have the replacement door stripped as far as I can.

My question is how to remove the driver's exterior door handle.

I don't have a key for the "new" door and hoped that I could simply remove the "new" and swap the handle/lock mechanism etc with the original.

I am now stumped - I cant find a way to remove the lock shield thing and can only see one torx holding the handle onto the door - looking at the diagrams that I can find online I think there should be two on the driver's handle?

Has anyone accomplished this please?

Does the window glass have to come out to be able to access and remove the exterior handle please?

Any help, tips or suggestions gratefully received.

Many thanks




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Hi Pete, and Welcome to the club.

I hope you get your door fixed OK.

My S type is 13 years old a goes like a dream - I hope yours goes similarly.

I am not an exert in taking cars to bits, but I am sure there is someone  who is and who will help.

Let us know how you get on.



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Hi Russ,

Finally got it sorted yesterday.

Stripped out window regulator and glass.

My problem was that whilst one torx in the handle was visible the other appeared to be hidden under the lock shield.

Eventually I realised that the torx bolt going through the lock shield (which I thought was just holding the shield) is much longer and actually goes all the way through the shield to the handle so need to try and wrestle the lock shield apart to get the handle off. 

Bingo - problem solved !! 👍




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