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ABS, AEB, ASPC, forward alert, driving modes unavailable


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Looking for some help from some fellow XF owners

 Currently driving a 2017 2.0L diesel (183bhp)

On a trip home today, driving normally, then out of nowhere, some error messages start to flash up on the driver display: Millions of them (slight exaggeration)...

ABS Fault
Stability control not available, drive with care
AEB not available
Forward alert not available
Special modes unavailable
APSC not available

So, that's a whole lot of errors in one go, all electrical and seemingly related.

Has anyone else had this slew of heart attack inducing notifications? Is this a common fault? Any idea on causes? I only have this car a few weeks.

I'll be taking it in for a battery voltage check and diagnostics tomorrow, to get the error codes but any advice before then would be appreciated. 

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Went to my local garage today who advised that battery charge is fine but that the nearside front sensor is gone. 

On the way home the car registered a tyre pressure monitoring system fault. Does anyone know if this single sensor could also be the cause of that?

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Hello xfireland 

did you get to the problem with your ABS fault and associated tyre pressure monitoring system fault? My 2016 XF has just started with the same faults.

my offside front sensor looks to be faulty, what did yours cost?

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