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Side Mirrors

Tray Gerrard

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Hi all,  can anyone help please I am the proud owner of an XF sport but am having trouble with the side mirrors   
can I ask does anyone know if they are supposed to close when the two buttons are pushed ?

it does say in the manual to go to settings which I have done but under windows etc all it says is global open and close  

any ideas ???

thanks 👍👍



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Hi Tracey

Only if they were standard or the original owner added the "mirror pack" when ordering 😞

Mine is a 2013 Sportbrake S and they are not fitted so the only options on my screen are, like yours, about windows global opening and global closing. Still think it was not really acceptable to have this as an option on a Jag but have to live with it as I still love the car. 🙂



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