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Jaguar 2014 XF Battery / Key Fob


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Hi Folks,

Wanted to understand how big of a problem is the below scenario for the dealership to fix?

My 2014 Jaguar XF battery died as I left the headlight on for the night. While trying to jumpstart, the car alarm goes on, and the dashboard says "Smart key not found" message when I try to ignite the engine. I'm not able to stop the alarm as well. (Even with both the key fobs)

I'm suspecting the car forgot the key fob code and it should be reprogrammed. Is it hard for the dealership to fix the issue? Any idea how long it will take?

Status Updates:

  • The car is with the dealership for 3 days and counting. They are charging 255$ for initial diagnosis alone.
  • They have already replaced the care battery mentioning that is the problem (for a hefty quote of 550$, I think the battery replacement is very unnecessary and the dealership is trying to rip off the money).
  • After replacing the battery they said it is still not working and need to diagnose with the technical assistance, and they are still looking into it.
  • I have an extended warranty with Fidelity (Gold Plus plan), which they said battery issues won't be covered. Sigh!


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Hi Baskar

Sorry to hear of your problems.

Have you tried holding the key under the auxilliary switch panel to see if it is then recognised?

I had a totally flat battery due to lack of usage during covid lockdown so feel your pain. My only problem was non opening rear doors (totally locked) and inopperative rear windows. Sorted under warranty but believe it was a cheap re-programming fix if the garage know what they doing. Mine was in the dealers (non-jag) overnight but that was simply to re-charge the battery. Basically these cars have multiple modules which are little computers connected by networks. They are VERY sensitive to software corruption due to low voltage or very high voltage (that is why they have small second battery to supply the sensitive bits during a stop/start. However the car has a number of copies of all of the original files it needs which are used by the diagnostics to repair corrupted files;

I presume Independant Jag specialists are rare where you are but if not that would be my first port of call. In the UK generic auto electrical diagnostics can sort the problems caused by a flat battery (Autologic systems work well).

THe AGM battery used in the XF is expensive (Jag dealers charge similar to your quote) but they can be bought retail for less than £150 and are quite easy to fit. Ideally they should be set up with diagnostics but the car will do this itself if you just leave it (windows and handbrake need re-setting as well). If it is still the original battery (now 6 years old) it could need changing but the whole point of the AGM is that it survives deep discharge well which is why it is used in Stop/Start systems.

To be honest I would expect them to be able to diagnose and fix the problem pretty quick. If not is another garage an option?

Kind regards


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Thank you, John for your detailed information. 

Yes, after holding the key fob near to the boot opener button, it said "Smart key not recognized". 

I'm totally reluctant to go to Jaguar dealership nearby (closest one is 10 miles away, and next is 40+ miles away) due to past bad experiences. They are charging very hefty quotes for simple works + the quality is work is mediocre only. I also called couple of independent non-jag garages to check whether they can fix it, but they mentioned anything related to key fob reconfiguration can only be done at the Jaguar dealership. Bummer! My concern is the dealership didn't even try to recharge the battery overnight and give it a try. They simply wanted to replace the battery without even diagnosing the entire problem. Only after replacing the battery they mentioned the key fob is not working. 

They are not responding property or giving status updates periodically as well. The car is still with the dealership. Its been a week already.



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Hi Baskar

If it was me I would be at the dealers speaking quite loudly to the boss in the middle of the showroom and making my concerns very clear. If it has been with them for a week and they have not sorted it are they expecting it to just magically repair itself?

If they have changed the Battery and the problem is not sorted what is their plan? As they already have the car you are a little constrained but I would want to know what Diagnostic codes they pulled from the vehicle before changing the battery. Also check your warranty as although the "battery" may be excluded so you may be on the hook for that cost (you probably would have needed to change it fairly soon anyway if it was the original) the current problem is clearly not "THE BATTERY" as that has been changed and the problem is still there. I would be looking in detail to see if the policy was based on listed items: "We cover the following items only", or exclusionary: "We cover everything EXCEPT the following."

In terms of repair you first need the codes then it SHOULD be a fairly simple (not the same as cheap I am afraid) process to identify the cause and repair it.

Hope you get it sorted soon


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